Sam Beck, Cosmetic Nurse

Sam is now visiting Spa Sublime on a regular basis. Her services include:

Anti-Aging Procedures

Anti-wrinkle injections – will also treat conditions like migraines and teeth grinding.
Dermal Fillers – to restore your natural features and lift sagging areas.

Sam is an expert in anti-ageing medicine and focuses on restoring natural proportions to the face while maintaining a very natural look. Her aim is to restore internal vitality and ensure long-term benefits from anti-ageing procedures.
We are now taking appointments for 5th May and the 2nd June 2017

Dr Agnes Walchowlski, Cosmetic Physician

Have you tried everything to lose weight and failed time and time again?
Do you diet for weeks on end, lose a couple of kilos and put it all back on in one meal?
Are you constantly tired and do you need a sugar hit just to get you through the day
Our HCG weight loss program will help you to reset your metabolism, boost your energy levels and help you to lose FAT (not fluid) rapidly and keep it off.

Introducing Dr Agnes Walcholwski and the medically supervised hCG weightloss program.
Dr Agnes has helped over 600 patients lose fat and keep it off long-term.
With our unique program and the guidance of our medical team, you can lose fat and re-set your metabolism without starvation, deprivation or the need for exercise.
In our 3 week program you can lose an average of 5-7 kgs of fat
In our 6 week program you can lose an average of 10-15kgs.

NO gimmicks, no false promises. This medically supervised program really works. Just ask Jason…

Where do I start there are so many great things to say about the HCG diet and so many fantastic things people have said to me as they see living proof this thing actually works.

I feel the best I have since probably high school, I lost 14.5kg while on the HCG diet and I have found my new weight 80kg. I used to wear size 38 pants, I now wear a size 34 comfortably. My blood pressure has dropped to almost text book levels, after my doctor has been suggesting blood pressure tables for 4 or 5 years. My snoring has gone, I have so much more energy and of course I look great – this is not me saying that, so many people have commented. “Wow you look great Jason” “You look fantastic” “How did you do it” “You look amazing” “you look 10 years younger”

“This will change your life” my wife said this half way through and now I believe her. It has the ability to change your life as well.

Good luck and if you are still thinking please just give it at go – it is only 6 weeks of your life.

A very happy Jason Cronshaw

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