Introducing AKORAH, our signature range made exclusively for Spa Sublime. Australia a place of contrast. This magical landscape mirrors the cycles of life. From the birth of Spring and the youth of Summer, to the maturity of Autumn and the twilight of Winter, the passing of the seasons reflects our mood, our health and all our motivations of life. Through this connection to our unique environment AKORAH for all seasons was born.

AKORAH is used in all our body therapies and is available for you to continue your spa experience at home

What is your favourite season?

  • Summer – a zesty blend of citrus, mint and juniper to cleanse and detoxify.
  • Autumn – a warming blend of black pepper, sandalwood and spice to balance and regenerate.
  • Winter – a relaxing blend of lavender, chamomile and cinnamon to unwind and restore.
  • Spring – a fragrant blend of ylang ylang, rosewood and lemongrass to uplift and energise.